Little Owl Coffee – Denver, Colorado

From the Map Category: Coffee Shop How I heard about this place: some list of best coffee shops in America (I am altogether too addicted to lists. It's my competitiveness.) Here is everything you didn't want to know about my thoughts about one coffee place in the city of Denver. You've been warned. Coffee is very important to… Continue reading Little Owl Coffee – Denver, Colorado


City O’ City, Denver, Colorado

From the Map Category: Place to Eat [Restaurant] How I heard about this place: this Autostraddle city guide for Denver I am a vegan/vegetarian (used to be vegan, started eating eggs again), and I love vegan/vegetarian restaurants. I seek them out in every city. City O' City is a vegetarian or vegan-friendly restaurant near the Denver state… Continue reading City O’ City, Denver, Colorado

The Geographical Cure: Travel, Lifestyle, and Bisexual Culture Vulture?

It's been a while. It is a blogging cliché: Straying for a couple of months and then writing a quick post explaining what happened and promising to write more. I'm still going to do it anyway. A Chronological List of What I've Been Doing Instead of Writing: I went to Belize and Guatemala!!!! I celebrated… Continue reading The Geographical Cure: Travel, Lifestyle, and Bisexual Culture Vulture?

Belize & Guatemala: A Packing List

I'm going backpacking for 8 days in Belize & Guatemala. I leave on Saturday. I'm really excited, this is my first international trip, etc. I've been working on this packing list for a while. I've been tweaking it and trying to eliminate as much superfluity as possible, with the goal of fitting everything into one carry-on… Continue reading Belize & Guatemala: A Packing List

An Empowering Packing List for Sweaty, Sad People

As I mentioned, I was in Annapolis last week. I didn't go anywhere on The Map. I was busy decompressing, re-compressing, and decompressing again. Somewhere in there I shipped all my shit back to SE Michigan. I flew to Baltimore on Spirit Airlines. This was my first time flying Spirit, and, as everyone knows, Spirit… Continue reading An Empowering Packing List for Sweaty, Sad People