Travel: 2017

I have some travel plans for 2017:

  • May: I’m going to DC/DMV (the DC-Maryland-Virginia megalopolis, for the uninitiated) next week. I’m hoping to visit the Maryland state capital building. It’s on the Map.
  • May: I’m spending 8 days backpacking in Belize and Guatemala. I’m going to San Ignacio, Tikal, and Caye Caulker, which is a pretty standard backpacker route throughout the area. This will be my first time outside of Canada or the States, and I’m really excited.
  • July: Going back to the DC-area for ~business~. I have A Thyroid Disease & I see a doctor there. But that’s TMI and boring.
  • (Ambiguously) Summer: This summer I have tentatively planned to go to Chicago. Because I’m a Midwesterner from the Great Lakes region I have been to Chicago a few times. It’s like with Bostonians and New York City: it’s not exactly close but it’s easy to get to by train or bus, so you have to go, you know? (Yous guys?)
  • (Ambiguously) Summer: A close friend lives in Cleveland, so I’ll probably go a few times. It’s only 3 hours by bus. I’ve never actually explored Cleveland although I’ve been there three times.
  • (Ambiguously) Summer: I’m hoping taking a road trip to a beach in Western Michigan this summer, because Michigan is beautiful and the young & restless take road trips. Allegedly.
  • Winter: I’m planning a trip to Dublin, Northern Ireland, and Amsterdam for sometime during the fall or winter. I have a friend doing a study abroad in Northern Ireland, and I’m going to visit her during that semester.
  • Indefinite: This isn’t planned and might not happen, but I’d like to visit Montgomery, Alabama. Good ol’ American South. But also I want to visit each of the 50 states, and Alabama is the first alphabetically.

My only other travel goal is to try to test my Greyhound endurance. The longest Greyhound trip I have been on is the 4 hour trip from DC to New York. Four hours sounded like a lot to me, but it turned out to be perfectly enjoyable. That makes me wonder: how long is too long when it comes to bus trips? That’s something I’m interested in finding out, as Greyhound is a cheap & easy way to get around. I’m hoping to occasionally take increasingly longer bus trips until I reach the maximum I can handle. Detroit to Toronto is about 5 hours – maybe I’ll look into that. And then find a 6 hour trip, and a 7 hour trip, etc.


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