The Geographical Cure: Travel, Lifestyle, and Bisexual Culture Vulture?

It’s been a while.

It is a blogging cliché: Straying for a couple of months and then writing a quick post explaining what happened and promising to write more.

I’m still going to do it anyway.

A Chronological List of What I’ve Been Doing Instead of Writing:

  • I went to Belize and Guatemala!!!!
  • I celebrated my 20th birthday!!
  • I went to Cleveland for a few days
  • I visited my grandparents in Ontario for a weekend
  • I took a trip out to Denver on a whim
  • I took the California Zephyr back to Michigan (technically, I took the Zephyr to Chicago, and then took the Wolverine to Michigan)
  • Two days after getting back from Denver  I moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan! And I’ve been avoiding blogging to do a half-ass job search (I’ve been rejected from 3 jobs so far) and get to know my new city.

I’ll write about all that., but I’ve also been considering different directions to take the blog. On one hand, I like the idea of maintaining a travel blog even though I am nowhere near a full or part time traveler.  At the same time, I have other interests besides travel (it’s true). For example, I love reading lifestyle blogs, and I cook a lot. Part of me wants to write about that.

I’ve also noticed an area of culture that not many people write about, and I feel somewhat obligated to write about that. Very few people write about bisexuality or bisexual culture. (I’m bisexual, by the way) Even fewer people have written about how there isn’t a lot of writing about bisexual culture. I have some interest in becoming a bisexual cultural critic of bisexuality.

(Is bisexual travel a thing? It would be a cool challenge to try to cover bisexual travel)

Welcome to my eccentric travel blog, The Geographical Cure! Where we cover travel, lifestyle, and bisexuality



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