Hostel Fish, Denver, Colorado

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How I heard about this place: Thrillist article on best hostels in the US

I’ve stayed in one hostel before this one in Denver. That was in the Washington, DC area when I saw one of my favorite bands of all time, Perfect Pussy. I stayed in a private room that time, so Denver was my first time staying in a dorm or even travelling completely solo. My first experience was a positive one.

Hostel Fish is very nice. Thrillist lists it as something of a luxury hostel. The word “luxury” sets expectations too high in my opinion, but Hostel Fish is really, really nice.

It has everything one could ask for in a hostel:

-extremely clean, even in the bathrooms




-pretty quite

I stayed in the female-only map-themed room. The bunk mattress was so comfortable! So, so comfortable! The hostel entire might not seems “luxury”, but the mattresses sure are. The room also had lockers for protecting your backpack. Make sure to bring a lock. Towels are free.

The hostel had a bar, and I believe a café of sorts. It also has a kitchen for cooking and a place to sit and socialize. I recommend the window seat. There was also an outdoor patio where you can smoke. And because this is Denver, you can smoke your weed. From what I saw, the patio was mostly filled with dude-bros smoking weed and drinking dark beer. There were also some girls who seemed very nice. I just didn’t see them on the patio.

The Hostel is right next door to a weed dispensary. I wasn’t feeling very social so I didn’t talk to anyone much, but I got the impression that many of the hostel patrons were in Denver for the weed tourism. So if you want to smoke, you’ll have buddies. I am not old enough to partake of the dope, so I wasn’t a part of this, and I didn’t feel alienated at all. The hostel just smells of weed by the evening/early-morning.

The hostel is 4 blocks away from the 16th Street Mall and its free buses. It’s also located less than a mile away from Union Station. You can get from the airport to Union Station via the light rail – it costs $9. I personally used the free bus (because it’s free) and/or walked everywhere in downtown Denver.

Anyway, I highly recommend the hostel if you’re looking for a place to sleep in Denver!

The all-female dorm cost around $50 a night.

Address: Hostel Fish, 1217 20th St, Denver, CO 80202


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