Belize & Guatemala: A Packing List

I'm going backpacking for 8 days in Belize & Guatemala. I leave on Saturday. I'm really excited, this is my first international trip, etc. I've been working on this packing list for a while. I've been tweaking it and trying to¬†eliminate as much superfluity as possible, with the goal of fitting everything into one carry-on… Continue reading Belize & Guatemala: A Packing List


An Empowering Packing List for Sweaty, Sad People

As I mentioned, I was in Annapolis last week. I didn't go anywhere on The Map. I was busy decompressing, re-compressing, and decompressing again. Somewhere in there I shipped all my shit back to SE Michigan. I flew to Baltimore on Spirit Airlines. This was my first time flying Spirit, and, as everyone knows, Spirit… Continue reading An Empowering Packing List for Sweaty, Sad People